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We live in challenging times with every type of industry having to change and adapt like we’ve never seen before. Here at InventoryBase Academy, we recognise that there is a need to offer accessible training and development opportunities to help people to develop new skills and find work. So why the need for our new self employment initiative?

In the last 12 months alone, we have trained hundreds of new and existing property professionals both online and in-person to become professional inventory clerks, and continue to strive to raise standards across the lettings industry by promoting best practice when it comes to inspecting rental properties. 

The devastating effects of the on-going pandemic have touched all our lives. Fortunately, the increasing demand for housing means that the property and lettings market remains buoyant, providing a steady demand for property inspectors and inventory clerks across the UK. 

As the current furlough scheme comes to a close at the end of October, and despite new government Job Support Schemes and initiatives, it is inevitable that there will be job losses across the country. This will result in many people becoming unemployed or looking for work and new opportunities. 

These recent announcements got us thinking – how can we help? 

What do we have and what can we offer to empower people looking for a new career and what forms of assistance can we provide to help people into becoming self employed in a new sector? 

  • Our industry leading property inspection software (not to blow our own trumpet, but we have got an award or two!)  
  • We have invested in CPD accredited training to teach people how to become inventory professionals to a great standard, from the very beginning – both theoretically and, more importantly, practically.
  • We’ve got tonnes of content offering help and advice for inventory providers around practical topics, industry legislation and more. 
  • We have a great team working behind the scenes and at the forefront of InventoryBase Academy, bursting with knowledge and experience around being self employed and with direct experience of running a business providing inventory reports and inspections. 
  • PLUS we have InventoryBase Workstreams – a nationwide network enabling clerks to secure inspection bookings and work across the UK. 

Now we’re talking!

The combination of experience, knowledge, the right tools, unparalleled support, detailed training material, industry leading software & a nationwide network of professional providers – all bundled together, essentially gives anyone everything they need to get going. And so began the ‘InventoryBase Academy Self Employment Initiative’. 

We’ve basically packaged everything up – everything that someone wanting to start a new career as a self employed inventory provider needs to get started. 

But there’s still more that we can do!

We have developed the Starter Bundle Pro to include a discount to make it as accessible as possible for those looking for a new beginning in the property sector. 

The InventoryBase Academy Self Employment Initiative Starter Bundle Pro includes: 

– Online extensive CPD accredited theoretical training ‘Learn How To Produce Professional Property Reports’ 

– Online video and discussion led CPD accredited practical training ‘Practical Property Reports’ (virtual classroom based).

– Exclusive Q&A sessions with our Head of Training & Development and industry pro, Sián Hemming-Metcalfe. 

– Access to comprehensive guidance and support articles around becoming self-employed, the first steps to take, and things to consider and  remember.

– First access and discounts for our up and coming new training courses – ‘Building your business’ and ‘Strategizing Business Growth’

– 1-year all inclusive subscription to InventoryBase Property Inspection Software

Available now for just £399 (including VAT) – delivering a massive saving of over £200! 


Our founding ethos has always been to provide quality driven, accessible and free content & support in relation to on-task sticking points, industry news, rules & regulations and more. 

And we are determined to carry this forward.

We are ready and waiting to support students and professionals within the property inspection and lettings arena with regular updates, blog content, podcasts, and webinars. 

Further training, including ‘Building your Business’ & Strategising Business Growth will also be available later this year and in early 2021. 

Our community over on Facebook at the InventoryBase Academy Support Hub hosts a welcome and safe space for those both new and working within the industry looking for practical advice and guidance on day to day tasks in the real working world of property inspections. 

We look forward to welcoming and working with many more students as we move and develop alongside the entire Lettings & Property Reporting Industry.