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Inspect Properties Remotely, from Anywhere

InventoryBase Live Inspection enables you to remotely inspect a property, record condition and diagnose maintenance issues, minimising travel, reducing costs, and supporting shielding tenants with contactless, virtual inspections.

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Remote Inspection App – Conduct virtual inspections at your next property

Time is precious. Remote inspections provide more flexibility, improve efficiency and are safer for both tenant and report provider without compromising on detail. The Live Inspection app enables the user to meet with a property manager, capture high quality photographs during the call and discuss issues with the property as if they were there in person.

    • Live and Remote property inspections
    • Access from any device, anytime, anywhere
    • Crystal clear audio & video
    • High Definition photos
    • Instant information capture
    • Safe, secure, private

Track & Manage your inspections remotely

When circumstances arise where you can’t physically attend an inspection, the ability to live stream from the property to any device, anywhere is a real game changer. With the need to safely carry out inspections that fit around the tenant or property owner; track and manage inspections easily with InventoryBase Live Inspection's.

Track & Manage your inspections remotely
Live Inspection App

Live Inspection App

With our Live Inspection App, available on iOS and Android, you and your staff connect live with the tenant using a secure code, capturing everything that is being streamed from their camera to you or your team, assigning photos into the right place in the report as they’re uploaded. Informal and tenant led; the Live Inspection provides a safe environment leading to better communication and information capture.

High Quality Photos & Videos

Clear, crisp pictures and video are vital to producing robust evidence. Protect assets, understand the condition of the property, issues or maintenance needs all in an instant with remote or live inspections. During the stream, tenants take high quality photos that are uploaded in the background.

High Quality Photos & Videos
Multiple Inspections Remotely

Multiple Inspections Remotely

Save on travel and time on site. At the click of a button convert the property or inspection to a remote or live inspection. Set up multiple, and unlimited inspections to be conducted throughout the day without the need or expense of being on-site.

Feature Overview

Remote & Live Inspections in an instant

Remote & Live Inspections in an instant

Tenant connects with their property manager via a simple link sent via email

Cost effective and efficient

Cost effective and efficient

Save time physically attending properties or organising visitation times around shielding or vulnerable tenants

Flexible reporting

Flexible reporting

Property managers & Service Providers can complete any number of reports from pre-defined templates when remotely inspecting

Live app for iOS & Android

Live app for iOS & Android

The Live Inspection app can be installed to combine streaming with photo capture

Audit trails for evidence and improve due diligence

Audit trails for evidence and improve due diligence

Everything, as always, is recorded and logged to your property history for full compliance and auditing

Instant evidence and data capture

Instant evidence and data capture

Live means now, get reports done faster, without the extra travel time, while still keeping things personal

What is Live Inspections?

Live Inspections is a safe and secure way for inventory clerks, property managers and landlords to ‘visit’ and conduct inspections of the property remotely. Service providers will be able to view the property virtually without the need to enter the home, helping to keep tenants safe, maintain social distancing but still provide landlords and managing agents with vital information to keep the property and tenants safe and secure.

How does the Service Provider access the app?

As the service provider, you will be able to ‘Enable Live Inspection’ on any report you create, prompting you to enter the tenant’s/remote party’s name and email address. Once scheduled, Property Inspect will email the link to the session to the tenant, which will be accessible from 10 minutes prior to the arranged appointment time. 

How does the tenant access the Live inspection?

As a Tenant/Remote party, you will receive an email containing a link to download the app and connect to the live session, along with a secure code. You can use the link or enter the secure code to connect to the session, and once the Viewer has joined the stream will begin.

If this is a Live video stream; who has control of the inspection?

The tenant has full control of the inspection and can leave the session at any time. As the service provider it will be up to you to direct the tenant around the property and ask your usual interim inspection questions no different to when visiting the property in person, or follow the template provided. Once the call is complete, the tenant disconnects and the stream stops.

Can I take pictures of the property during the Live session?

Yes. As the service provider you can ask the tenant to take multiple pictures of the property as you discuss any issues or maintenance needs. The pictures will upload in the background and appear in the report template ready for you to allocate to the appropriate question or field once uploaded.

What happens when the Live inspection is finished?

Fill out your template including any actions, click complete which will then either send direct to the landlord or managing agent (if set up) or share the PDF report via the booking system.

Is any information or video held on the app?

No information will be stored in the app. Every time the app is opened, the tenant/remote party is required to enter the code, or use the original link to connect, which will remain active until 1 day after the arranged date. 

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