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With more professionals being priced out of the housing market, many are renting instead. This is particularly true of millennials, who may never be able to afford to buy or who prefer the benefits of renting, such as being able to move around frequently or live in a better area. Top of their wish-list is a reliable and affordable internet connection. Many millennials use the internet for everything. They may work from home or just use it for entertainment such as watching films or playing games, so the service needs to be fast and dependable.

According to research by LivingCom, 83 per cent of millennial renters wait more than a week for the internet to be connected and 96 per cent say a lack of internet services is a serious frustration when they move into a new rental property. The study suggests that poor broadband can have a knock-on effect on rental values, because it is harder to either attract or keep hold of tenants. Three out of four young professionals who were asked said that they would be more likely to move to a property with a pre-installed internet service. It seems as though if landlords would like to attract the 20 to 30-year-old age group, then high speed broadband or wi-fi needs to be a priority in their homes.

Although internet is probably the number one service that younger tenants require, there are other amenities they look for, with location always being the top priority. People are willing to pay higher prices for a property in the right location which is close to local transport, shops, restaurants and bars.

On trend at the moment are stainless steel appliances in matching colours, particularly in the kitchen. The kitchen should also be open-plan for entertaining friends.

In central areas or major cities, parking is an important issue too. Off-road parking, designated spaces or an underground garage will help to get a property rented quickly. In suburban or rural areas, this is not an issue, because there should usually be spaces outside or close to the property, but it is an important consideration in built-up areas.

With apartments, some outside space is highly desirable, even if it just a balcony with enough room to read the newspaper or enjoy a drink. Houses also need a nice courtyard or manageable back garden for entertaining and enjoying a bit of fresh air.