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Estate agents will be all too aware of the three essential functions a website must include: applicant registration, a property search and the ability to submit a valuation request. However, this entry level functionality will fail to win clients.

Potential vendors instead must be impressed with how the agency presents property, and be convinced that this agent will actively work towards selling their property. Keeping up to date with the latest innovations in technology will help you to achieve this.

Proptech provides the opportunity for agents to save time and win clients, while also impressing their audience.

360° virtual tours are useful tools which lead to more viewings for estate agents, as well as helping to build relationships with potential tenants and buyers and saving valuable time. This feature allows applicants to view different properties at a convenient time for them, without having to travel to the property. The agent is able to show them around the home remotely, with the opportunity to build a rapport with the individual, just as they would during face-to-face viewings.

Virtual tours are proven to lead to physical property viewings with qualified and interested buyers and tenants. Agents that use this technology are far more likely to close more deals, use their time productively and win more instructions.

Web chat delivers real time customer service with real people using your website. It can be active 24 hours a day, and does not need to be manned by an agent.

This technology allows a service representative online to actively chat with website visitors, and it’s a convenient way to generate leads throughout the day, allowing you to answer queries and questions proactively and efficiently. This facility can also be customised to suit your website’s design, and it can be mobile friendly and provide real time reporting.

Marketing automation software is an instance where businesses are competing to engage with clients and nurture opportunities before conversion. For example, following a visit to a website, the visitor is then shown adverts, where you could show the website visitor properties that they may be interested in based on their preferences.

Applicants appreciate this as they are shown properties tailored to them, and vendor’s properties are given increased exposure. Many vendors are prepared to pay extra for this boost to their properties, which presents agents with additional revenue opportunities.

This innovation also exists within qualifying portal leads. If an applicant requests information on a home listed on Rightmove, they could receive an automatic response via email, thanking them for the enquiry and asking some simple qualification questions with branding from your company.

This reply will then be sent to your inbox, and provides you with pre-qualified leads who are ready to be contacted with follow up information and valuations or viewing arrangements, as requested.

The attraction of this procedure is that the majority of the processes are automated, which saves the agent effort and time in providing clients with an intelligent and efficient service.

Both web chat and 360° tour technology have been in existence since the 1990s, and have now become mainstream tools which are often expected by website visitors. They are also proven to make positive net contributions to revenue streams while enhancing customer experience.

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