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For landlords, or those responsible for letting and managing a property, you will already know that there are many legal responsibilities regarding maintaining a safe home for your tenants. But where do you find all the information that you need? And do you think there is sufficient advice available for you as a landlord or property agent? 

Property management company

If you are thinking about renting out a property to a tenant and are worried about the legislation you need to comply with, then getting in touch with a qualified property advisor is probably the best way to start. For landlords, a professional property management company can take away most of the stress that comes along with renting your property to a tenant, and avoid any unseen pitfalls. 

The regulations and legislation surrounding letting to tenants is constantly being regularly revised and updated, so you will want to ensure you are following any new legislation correctly. This is where taking independent and impartial advice from a qualified property management advisor, whose job is to understand ‘legal speak’ and the latest legislation, will be invaluable. They can also advise you on how to access all those allowable costs and tax breaks to keep your property safe for your tenants. Including allowable repairs to your properties which might just save you some money.

Property management companies can also do a regular property inspection on your property. This will identify any problem areas in your property before they get worse, such as blocked drains, guttering or cracked windows. Using a property management app is becoming a popular way of keeping in touch with your property manager, your tenant and the contractor. This will also ensure their safety, as the advantage of a property app is that it keeps an accountable record of regular equipment and fire alarm tests and property maintenance.

Government website

The main government website has provided a range of information regarding the responsibilities of landlords to provide safe homes for their tenants. Written in clear, easy to follow language, it explains how to ensure that gas and electrical equipment installed in your property is kept safe, and what to look out for when keeping your property free from health or safety hazards. The government website also advises landlords on their financial responsibilities regarding income from their rental properties. 

Local government agencies

If you are an independent landlord you will also get a great deal of support, regarding the fire safety of your property, by making contact with your local fire brigade. They can also do a risk assessment and advise you on smoke alarms, fire doors and external staircases. A designated fire risk assessor will be able to advise you of the fire and safety regulations in your area too. This is because England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own fire safety regulations for rented properties, so until fire safety is standardised across the UK, you will need to follow the right guidance for your area. 

There is a great deal to think about if you are a landlord and need support providing a safe home for your tenants. Although the regulations and the legislation can seem complicated at first, you will find a wealth of information from main government agencies and websites. You can also find expert support and advice from enlisting the help of a professional property management company. A property manager will understand all the legalities of keeping your property safe and secure for your tenants and give you all the support you need.

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