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In a world of seemingly endless costs, the idea of saving some cash by doing things yourself is always going to be an appealing one.

It appears every property expert on TV is telling us to have-a-go at DIY, decoration and homemade living, in an attempt to keep our cash firmly in our pockets.

So at what point does it become a false economy? How do you decide which jobs need a skilled eye and professional service?

If you’re letting a property there is always the temptation to carry out your own property inventory –  a few pictures and a list of scuffs on the walls can’t be that hard to put together, can it?

It’s at the end of the tenancy that the validity of a carefully created inventory shows its true value – helping you to avoid a host of costly problems.

In short, an in-depth inventory is your best form of protection against a messy, drawn out and costly check-out. The devil here is most certainly in the detail.

So what does a property inventory agency offer?

–       Clarity- An agency inventory will be divided into clear straightforward sections, detailing everything that is important. Inventories will be put together in the approved format of insurance companies, making any claims clearer and faster to process.

–       Experience- Nothing will be missed. Inventory clerks have seen it all and will be meticulous about detailing the exact condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.

–       Time – As the landlord you will undoubtedly be busy in the run up to a new tenant moving in. By using an agency you will be making the best use of the time available. They will be able to create a more detailed inventory than you – in a much faster time.

–       No bias – If you have carried out the inventory yourself there will always be the argument of bias in the event of a dispute. Even though you have carried out an inventory there will always be an element of ‘he said, she said’. An agency will document things exactly as they are without any type of agenda.

–       State of the art tools- A good inventory clerk will be using the most up to date equipment for their inventory. Property inventory software provides the clerk with everything they need to complete a perfect inventory, including built in checklists and reminders to make sure everything is covered.

–       Peace of mind – Leave it to them. You can relax throughout the tenancy knowing that the correct procedures and records were taken at the beginning of your tenants stay – making check-out as straightforward as possible.

So while you’re busy ‘doubling your house for half the money’ or up-cycling your furniture with some new upholstery – make sure you’re not taking a DIY approach to your property inventories as the cost maybe more than you imagined.