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When requesting reports as both the BUYER and SUPPLIER – this guide should be referred to in order to adhere to current Government advice around COVID-19 and Property Reporting Protocols.

This guide seeks to offer advice on how to carry out property reports and inspections whilst aiming to reduce transmission of COVID-19. 

Prior to submitting your request for a property report; as the Buyer you should ensure that the property has been made ready so that the Supplier is able to carry out the report safely and in accordance with Government COVID Working safely.

For more information visit: Government guidance on working safely during coronavirus

As the Buyer; you should ensure that:

  • A pre-check has been completed so that the Supplier knows if anyone is self-isolating, shielding or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 as this will then affect the booking.
  • The property has been suitably prepared for the visit to be conducted i.e sanitising of handles/surfaces that may need to be touched during the inspection. All doors and windows opened for easy access (without compromising the security of the property) and ventilation.
  • The safe collection/return of keys/access remotes have been arranged. This should include the keys being sanitised and placed in an envelope to minimise contamination and transmission. Arrangements should be made to collect/return them to either a safe place or office where social distancing must be adhered to (keeping a 2-metre distance).  
  • The Supplier has confirmed that they have sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This should include disposable gloves, shoe covers and a face mask to be used, changed and disposed of correctly for each and every appointment.
  • Where possible; the Supplier should be able to wash their hands regularly and for no less than 20 continuous seconds. The Supplier will provide their own sanitiser/towel and will remove any used items from the property at the end of the visit. 
  • If visiting the property prior to the Supplier attending you do not touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth without washing/sanitising your hands to avoid possible transmission. 
  • Maintain a 2-metre distance to any persons and or the Supplier if you are to be present and only with the Suppliers prior knowledge/agreement. 

By adhering to these guidelines, any subsequent advice and as directed by the Government/NHS you are contributing to the safety of both the Supplier and wider general public.

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