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Student Accommodation

Student inventories, check ins and check out reports as well as interim property visits are vital to maintaining a healthy tenancy for all parties, including Universities.

Our easy to use templates help capture all the vital information so that everyone knows and understands their responsibilities and disputes are avoided, so your students can concentrate on their studies and enjoy university life!

Stagger check ins and check outs for new tenant arrivals and departures, separate communal areas for joint liability and provide interactive online reports for all tenants to provide comment and additional photos.

Safeguard your student accommodations and sign up to InventoryBase to reduce issues, tenancy disputes and costs in the long run.

Some of the Templates available include:

Inventory & Schedule of Condition (Detailed)
Inventory & Schedule of Condition (Basic)
Basic Condition Report
Snagging Report
Standalone Check In
Standalone Check Out
Interim/Mid-term Inspection
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Fire & Safety Inspection