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One of the nicest things about winter is having the ability to curl up next to the radiator and enjoy how lovely and warm your home is. However, if something goes wrong with your heating, winter can truly be a time full of the blues. Here we’ll consider some of the things that could go wrong with your home in winter and look at how InventoryBase’s software can help you to avoid developing a case of the winter blues.

Common problem 1: A broken boiler

Many people will have experienced the shock of going to take a nice, warm shower in the morning and being caught in a deluge of ice-cold water. There are few things as unpleasant as being faced with a broken boiler in the middle of winter, knowing that you’ll be left with only icy water to wash in until your boiler is fixed. 
You can make sure you avoid this common source of winter blues by ensuring that you, or your landlord, gets a plumber to come to a property and carry out regular boiler maintenance. By regularly checking the condition of your boiler, you’ll be sparing yourself future difficulties.

Common problem 2: Frozen pipes

In particularly cold weather, you may suddenly find yourself faced with frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can cause all sorts of issues, as pipes that freeze might burst, causing a risk of flooding. Wading through a flooded kitchen or living room isn’t pleasant at the best of times but having to do this in the depths of winter will almost certainly bring on a case of the winter blues.
Thankfully, it’s possible to make sure that pipes don’t burst by ensuring that they are properly insulated with lagging material. It’s particularly important to ensure that exposed or outdoor pipes are insulated, making sure that any valves, bends or fittings are covered.

Common problem 3: Mould

Mould is a particularly common problem during winter, especially for those who live in older properties. A build-up of condensation, a lack of air circulation, or a lack or roof and gutter maintenance could all lead to the development of damp. Mould loves the contrast between wet winter weather outside and a nice cosy room inside, so it’s not at all uncommon to see mould in homes during winter.
While damp is very common, it’s thankfully usually easy to treat. You might now want to open your windows during winter but letting adequate air flow into your home is very important for preventing mould. If air circulation isn’t doing enough, you might want to consider investing in a dehumidifier. Removing excess dampness from the air will make it harder for mould to flourish. A final treatment worth considering is anti-mould paint, which contains chemical specifically made for treating mould.

How can InventoryBase help keep your home cosy?

InventoryBase provides property inspection software that can help you to keep an eye on your properties, making sure that none of the common causes of the winter blues have a chance to appear. Our software allows you to build unlimited property reports and store property condition information. Our property inspection app even allows you to take photos directly from your phone, removing the need to work with multiple pieces of hardware. 

Alongside the welfare of tenants, this specialist software in property management by InventoryBase can benefit landlords too. It can help to ensure rental properties are being properly maintained and cared for, keeps data up-to-date on checks for boilers and pipes, for example, and generally works towards the maintenance management. Easy access inventories for inspections and checking in and out are also part of the software capabilities, all helping to ensure your tenants don’t have to face the dreaded broken boiler in the colder months.