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Of course, if you’re reading this blog post, chances are you already know what InventoryBase is, but to summarise in as few words as possible, InventoryBase is software in the cloud to schedule and produce professional property inventories, check in and check out reports, and inspections.

But what will InventoryBase do for your business?

At the Landlord & Letting Show in London’s Barbican Centre I had the chance to talk directly with many inventory clerks, letting agents and landlords, explaining InventoryBase, demonstrating the system, and answering questions that applied to their businesses individually. I quickly picked up on common questions, and for every requirement it seemed that InventoryBase would meet their needs perfectly.

“I’m an independent clerk and my clients are letting agents or landlords.”

If you’re an independent clerk, you’ll be able to collaborate with clients more efficiently by providing them login access to book visits with you directly. The system will do its best to ensure you don’t get overbooked, and you’ll be able to manage your diary using a simple interface. Clients get instant notifications when reports are ready to be viewed or signed, and you can set up automated invoicing for when jobs are closed.

You can complete reports faster with our portable mobile app and variety of data entry tools, such as copy/paste, pre-set templates, and your own personalised dictionary pre-packed with hundreds of common vocabulary you can use in the field.

Basically, InventoryBase will relieve you of many administration and time management stresses, and give you the ability to maximise your workload in a clean, organised way.

“I run a property inventory company or letting agency and have a team of clerks I assign appointments to.”

If you need to manage a team, InventoryBase gives you the finest management tools for running a small group of clerks to an entire army, and it doesn’t take tech-savvy staff to use the software. It’s advanced, but simple and intuitive, and with its built-in user groups, you’ll never worry that your clerks or clients can see something they’re not supposed to.

Clients or managers can book in appointments, which can be allocated to a clerk, automatically notifying the appropriate people. Clerks can use our portable mobile app to complete reports quickly in the field, with professional reports produced in your format with your logo and cover notes. When they’re finished, they beam it back up to HQ who are instantly notified and can review the report before it’s forwarded on to clients.

Reports can be viewed online via a secure URL, printed, or saved as PDF. They can be signed at the property on the portable device with a stylus or through the browser using a mouse, or hard copy if you prefer, but InventoryBase makes it possible to go completely paper-less, with automated billing, invoicing, and client-specific price lists.

“I record my inventories via audio dictation and have them transcribed.”

InventoryBase lets you add rooms and record voice notes for each room in our portable mobile app, which are uploaded to the cloud so you can access them later. If you prefer to use your own device, simply upload the audio to InventoryBase after the visit. You can assign your Typists a user account so that they can login, play audio files and complete the reports using our easy web-based report tools.

Once an inventory is in the system, every subsequent visit becomes a lot faster because InventoryBase copies the previous report across automatically to adjust and change conditions accordingly. All report history is logged, stored, and easily accessible. The time to complete check ins, check outs and interim inspections are cut in half, signed and delivered the moment you leave the property.

“I need to show advisories and liabilities on check out reports for landlords or tenants.”

Our report tools give you the facility for adding Actions to particular items within a report, which include common options like cleaning and maintenance requirements, missing or replaced items, etc, to produce summary action lists for both landlord and tenant and highlight responsibilities. If you want.

“I’m a landlord with a large portfolio of properties and do my own check ins.”

Substitute clients for tenant logins, and you’ll be able to do regular visits and provide tenants complete report history, actions, and record detailed reports for any potential claims. Reports are laid out to industry standards, complete with photos and other evidence all stored  securely in the cloud.

“I run a Franchise and want to provide an online system for all my franchise owners.”

InventoryBase can be white labelled with your company logo and branding, hosted under your own domain with automated emails styled and sent from your company email address.

Provide either single or multi user accounts to each of your branches who log in to your branded system, with no reference to InventoryBase in the browser or on reports.

You’ll also have the option to add a branded mobile app so that your mobile app connects with your system, or just provide clerks ours to use in the field.

Not convinced?

There are many reasons why InventoryBase can improve your business, if you want to discuss your own circumstances, get in touch and we’ll call you right back.

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