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As a training provider we naturally draw from our experiences and understanding of the industry so that we can provide the best training for inventory clerks.

However; quite often as providers we can loose sight of and forget that it is you that should determine the type of information delivered as all training should be based on your needs and wants.

And this is true of your own business model in that your inventory services should be based on your clients needs and wants and how you can best service and deliver them.

So where do you start?

A very good start up website Donut suggests:

  • Review your business objectives and identify critical activities – do you want to have a small business or grow quickly and employ clerks? How will you do this and what is your key service?
  • Set measurable performance standards – are you aiming for number of reports completed or actual revenue figures?
  • Monitor performance to identify problem areas – are you getting less properties than you thought or not getting the repeat business?
  • Feedback from customers, suppliers and other key business partners – are you asking them or expecting them to just tell you?
  • Review any legal requirements such as the requirement for health and safety training – especially pertinent for working at height (meters) and working alone (safety risk assessments)
  • Review any changes to your plans – we are in a very fluid market at the moment with an enormous amount of change that may impact on your business so you need to be flexible and responsive
  • Consider how employees’ roles may change – self employed clerks want flexibility which is great until they are all off and you have loads of work to be completed! Is this then the time to consider full time employees?
  • Prioritise problem areas or areas of weakness – holidays and upturn in work during the summer months are a key issue for many providers so how will you manage this?
  • Assess how improving systems or equipment could contribute to resolving problems – look at the way you capture information and provide reports; could it be done more efficiently and more importantly more cheaply without losing quality?
  • Review poor performance – is this down to a lack of training or are your clerks just not the right fit for your service?
  • Consider whether your expectations are realistic – can you deliver the reports and service you want with the clerks and processes you currently have in place?
  • Assess whether training is an effective solution – can you train your own clerks or do you need the support and advice of InventoryBase Academy to help you?

There is a lot to think about but training shouldn’t be one of your concerns; InventoryBase Academy has the experience and training tools to help you work effectively and build a dynamic team of inventory providers.

So how can we help you succeed?

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