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Whether you want to prepare to let an existing property or add to your current portfolio by purchasing new property, it is essential to know what tenants are searching for when looking for a home.

Different tenants have varying needs, but a new report from Zoopla has made an attempt to establish common factors which appeal to all kinds of tenants. The report discovered that the most important requirement for tenants in the UK was parking, while rentals which are pet-friendly are also growing in popularity. Pets, as a search term, ranked third in the most popular searches across the UK on the property portal.

Zoopla analysed the search data from its property search tool, which focuses on keywords, to reveal the country’s most desired features for rental homes. Aside from parking, furnished and garages also ranked among the most popular searches.

The data reflects the recent findings by the BPA (British Parking Association) that the average motorist in Britain spends approximately 91 hours each year searching for parking spaces. Rental homes which allow tenants with pets are in high demand across Britain, with the keyword ‘pets’ ranked as a top three search term in every region across the country.

Spokesperson for Zoopla, Annabel Dixon, commented that garages and parking were consistent requirements for tenants across the UK. Although this may not be the most interesting feature of a property, the research provided by Zoopla has clearly shown that landlords can make their rental homes much more appealing by enhancing existing parking or creating a new parking space. Whether this includes a driveway, landscaping a garden or applying to drop the kerb outside the property, these transformations could pay dividends.

On a regional basis, tenants in London commonly searched for an en-suite and gym the most, but these keywords did not appear within the top requirements for tenants in any other area across the UK. Meanwhile, renters in Scotland have, in contrast, less demanding requirements, with search terms such as dishwasher ranking in the top 10 most popular keywords.

In the South West and North East, tenants most desired countryside dwellings, as search terms including cottage and rural featured highly on the list of priorities for tenants in these regions. Tenants in the North West clearly appreciate the great outdoors, as search terms such as balcony and garden ranked in the top 10 priorities.

In addition to popular search terms, Zoopla also analysed data from the most viewed types of properties located across the UK. Three bedroom properties were the most regularly viewed homes on the property portal in all regions apart from London, where homes with two bedrooms proved the most popular.

Three bedroom properties appeal to a large range of tenants, such as young families searching for space to grow, in addition to people looking to downsize to a more manageable property.

From balconies and gyms, to dishwashers, it is interesting to note that the requirements of tenants differ across each region of the UK. As Londoners pay a premium for rental properties, these renters are focused on luxury features and high quality amenities. Tenants in more rural locations, however, are more focused on making the most of the countryside setting.

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