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Today sees the launch of our brand new mobile app and we couldn’t be more pleased for you to see it.

2.0. is better in every way – redesigned using inventory clerk feedback to improve usability.

The system has undergone numerous improvements including a brand new interface and improved functionality. Almost every aspect of the app has been upgraded, tidied and made slicker to improve the overall user experience.

Specific areas improved include a re-designed report preview system, better syncing, a more expansive built-in dictionary, advanced checklists and re-ordering. The app also makes things easier for you by incorporating some of the most familiar app controls including swipe operated Copy and Delete and automatically expanding text boxes.

Working on the redesigned app has been a really exciting process for us. When we first created InventoryBase we were working with clerks to provide the system they wanted, and we now have over three thousand users. As the popularity of the system has grown we’ve continually sought user feedback and have now incorporated it into the redesign.

InventoryBase is now one of the most used property inspection apps in the U.K. and we can’t wait for all the users to download the upgrade and see the benefits.

It’s really important to us to launch this redesign now as we can’t wait for people to start using it. We have such an exciting second half of 2014 coming up with several new developments in the pipeline. InventoryBase 2.0. is about making a statement today about where we’re heading tomorrow.

The app is available on the both Apple and Google stores.