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All good landlords are entitled to equally good tenants, with great tenants deserving of a good and comfortable home. But what exact qualities make a desirable and good tenant? New research from a survey of landlords has suggested that trust is one of the most crucial components of an efficient, harmonious and effective tenant-landlord relationship, acting as the key to a successful tenancy for both your tenant and you as a landlord.

The survey was conducted by Your Move, the estate agent chain, which questioned 1,071 tenants and landlords in an effort to understand more about the attitudes and behaviours of landlords, tenants, the lettings market and agents. The vote by landlords showed that they value trustworthiness as a crucial trait in tenants. In fact, the survey showed that 42 per cent value trustworthy tenants more than receiving rent payments on time. When the results were filtered by landlord type, the desire for trustworthy tenants was most prominent among ‘Accidental’ and ‘Pension Pot’ landlords, who make up 29 per cent and 41 per cent of the property investor market. The annual landlord survey from Your Move described pension pot landlords as investors who perceive their property portfolio as investments for their long-term retirement, and are aged over 45 years of age. The survey defined accidental landlords as investors who became landlords unexpectedly, and were forced into the role through personal circumstance changes or inheritance.

More than one quarter of the landlords questioned considered tenants which paid their rent on time the most important characteristic in tenants, at 26 per cent. Over half of the tenants questioned in the survey valued the condition of the rental property as the most critical factor, at 51 per cent, followed by value for money at 40 per cent. In joint third position of importance for tenants were the property’s security, useful communication with their agent and the character of the landlord, which were favourable for 37 per cent of the survey respondents.

Your Move’s national lettings director, Martyn Alderton, explained that he hoped the organisation’s survey would highlight how tenants and landlords often share similar expectations and values when it comes to tenancies. The results show that both parties would prefer a content relationship and peace of mind, with landlords hoping that tenants look after the rental property, and tenants, in turn, expecting that the landlord will supply a quality home in return for reasonable rent payments. Within the industry therefore, it is vital that landlord and tenant expectations are carefully met, with their relationships supported.

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