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As we continue to strive to bridge the gap between independent inventory clerks and the lettings industry, InventoryBase Academy has now launched its new podcast channel; The Inventory Professional. 

A free service; the podcast has been added to their training platform to help support and inform inventory clerks across the UK and compliments the webinars, blogs and regular posts on topics that matter to the inventory professional and wider industry.

By launching The Inventory Professional podcast Sián Hemming-Metcalfe, who is the leading force behind InventoryBase Academy’s training and development, understands how important it is for clerks to be able to be involved in discussions around issues that they deal with on a day-to-day basis, as well as shed light on legislative changes that may be complex or less known mainly due to the lack of information and direction from the industry that all inventory professionals serve.

Sián commented: 

“ As an experienced inventory professional, I know first hand how busy clerks are managing a myriad of portfolios, a diverse client base and with most being self-employed there is often very little time to keep up to date and well informed whilst going from property to property, so a podcast is a perfect solution.

I want to be able to discuss the subjects that matter most to clerks so they each feel supported and empowered in their role and so that we can help them to be recognised as the professionals they all are “.

Our first podcasts are already live; 

  • Introducing The Inventory Professional
  • No smoke without fire – Are wood-burning stoves for the chop?

And podcasts will now be available on a monthly basis (as a minimum) and can be played through Apple Podcasts or Spotify

Got a hot topic you want to discuss, want to share your experiences or comment on the current challenges and changes to the lettings industry? Let us know here and you could be our next guest host!