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Some buy to let landlords choose to let property on a single room basis rather than renting the entirety of a property to just one family or person. Landlords claim to choose this option as it occasionally offers opportunities to receive a higher revenue per month, while tenants also enjoy reduced monthly rents as they share the property with other tenants.

But what towns and cities across the UK are the most successful for letting homes on a room by room basis for landlords? A new study from Glide, the bill sharing service provider, has discovered the top ten hotspots for home sharing, based on affordability, amenities, job opportunities, cost of rent and house sharing opportunities.

The research, which aimed to find the best locations for house sharing for young professionals and students across the country, discovered that Bristol is the best city in the UK for property sharers, based on the above listed criteria.

With 945 available house share opportunities and 229 jobs advertised per 10,000 people, Bristol came top of the list of locations. With consistency across the different criteria, the city which ranked in second place was Nottingham. With excellent university rankings, high broadband speeds and good job opportunities all scoring within the top ten, the city was only let down by its relatively high rental prices.

Birmingham completed the list for the top three best locations for house sharing, due to its comparatively low rental prices. However, with only 145 opportunities for jobs per 10,000 people, this meant that Birmingham could not score higher on the list.

Completing the top five were Manchester and Liverpool, in fourth and fifth place respectively. Derby, Southampton and Brighton and Hove also ranked in the top ten cities, at sixth, seventh and eighth place. Completing the top ten in ninth and tenth place was Leicester and Portsmouth.

London, with more than 19,000 rooms available, is the best city for the sheer range of home share opportunities available. However, with high monthly rent prices of, on average, £3,278 pcm, it is six times more expensive than Bradford. At monthly rents of £499 pcm, Bradford is ranked as the most affordable city for house sharers.

Manchester, Edinburgh and London ranked as the top three cities for the best universities, with all locations boasting educational institutions which were included in the UK’s top ten University Rankings of 2019. When analysing job opportunities, Derby, Coventry and York came top of the list for cities with the best job opportunities, with 382, 408 and 470 available jobs per 10,000 people.

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