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The virtual world is becoming indispensable in so many areas of commerce and it is little wonder that the property sector is being quick to embrace it. With people looking to live hundreds of miles away from home, or abroad, it is often impossible to walk or drive past a property video to see if it is suitable.

Now, prospective tenants or investors can take a virtual tour of the property and the neighbourhood instead. For example, online estate agents iMoveEstates has just launched a free online property video tour to take advantage of the changes in the way in which people now search for accommodation.

With more people searching for properties online through digital media or social media, including YouTube, estate agents and property managers have had to adapt to these new ways of searching as having a presence on the high street is no longer enough.

Websites now need to be updated constantly, with visual images being the key to marketing a property. This can be through stunning photographs but videos and virtual tours are the key. That way prospective tenants can take a peek through the keyhole to see what the property is really like.

Property video tours are easy to share and create a professional impression. The videos do not have to be expensive and there are many apps and software applications available to help. But these multimedia additions will definitely give a property an edge over the competition. It means that properties are easily viewed and should, therefore, be easier to market and to let. Within a few seconds a prospective tenant can take a look around on the laptop or phone to see the décor, the lighting and how the kitchen is equipped.

With the burgeoning growth in the radio controlled drone sector, external and aerial videos are an exciting potential addition.

Online products and services which include videos attract more viewers than those without, so the greater the attraction the sooner you should be able to let or sell the property. Clearly, prospective buyers or tenants will still need to arrange a viewing but the video will give a good impression as to what they will see when they turn up for their appointment.

iMoveEstates offers free video tours to give an extra service to clients and to maximise exposure. As the company points out, YouTube shows three billion videos every 24 hours to a world-wide audience and so this is a very valuable marketing tool indeed.

Technology means that the property world is changing very quickly and companies need to embrace it or risk being left behind. There are many apps and software applications available to help companies either market properties for sale or to rent, or to manage properties. Software packages can cover a portfolio of rental properties – with videos of course – plus inventories, contracts, billing, accounts, property checks and appointments which are easily available on your tablet or phone and can be shared with your team.

Software can free your team from the paperwork and administration so that they have more time to spend with clients.

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