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Hi Property Inventory Clerks, hope you’re having a good day. At InventoryBase we love to help you guys and girls out by making InventoryBase incredibly easy to use – so you can produce top quality reports with no hassle. If you’ve not used us before then what have you been waiting for?

Click here for a sample of the smartest, clearest property inventory reports you can find! You can even use our enterprise report system to put your own branding on the reports so they look professional and all your own.

We want to keep things as simple as possible for you and also for anyone reading the report – that’s why we start with a notes section detailing important information first – saving everyone time. No longer do you have to trawl through pages of text to get to the good bit – it’s right here.

Next, the Checklist is designed to do exactly the same thing. It takes all the important information, like meter readings and maintenance issues and puts them all together in a clear and easy to use table. So if the landlord, tenant or yourselves need any information quickly it’s instantly to hand.

The report then begins one room at a time. The checklist function means as a property inventory clerk you’re reminded of things to document – ensuring your report is accurate and complete. When taking the inventory, InventoryBase continually updates and refines you own personal dictionary and most used phrases so the more reports you do the easier they become to complete.

Pictures are added directly to the room so reading back through the report is clear and informative. Pictures showing the general state of the room are at the top of each section and any pictures needed to highlight specific areas of interest are situated at the end of the section, allowing them to be viewed together to get a detailed overview of the property’s areas of interest.

Once the inventory is complete InventoryBase now allows hassle free tenant commenting. So a tenant can add notes to the report without the need to print it out and scribble on it. A simple text box keeps everything they want to add in a clear and useful format.

Finally the signature on the document can be added electronically making the whole process of check-in simple, quick and easy for new tenants.

There really isn’t a simpler way to create an inventory – so if you’ve not used InventoryBase before click here for a free trial!