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If you’re a student heading off to university in the next few days or weeks make sure you’re offered a property inventory by your new landlord – even if you’re going to be living in university owned halls.

A professionally created inventory will protect you at the end of the tenancy from unfair costs and will help to ensure you get your full deposit back (providing you’ve looked after the place!)

Things to look out for:

Shared spaces – Your new living situation is going to be a lot of fun – communal areas will become the heart of your social life, but make sure they’re taken care of. There can be a tendency in shared accommodation for individuals to assume everyone else is going to keep the living areas clean and tidy. It’s a lot harder to clean up a years worth of partying at the end of a tenancy than it is to keep on top of it as you go along.

Your own room – Your room will be your sanctuary, a place in the chaos to call your own; so be proud of it. If you’re going to personalise it by covering it in posters and pictures be aware of blue tack marks and scuffs. You’re responsibility is to leave the room as your found it.

Protect yourself – Having an inventory at the beginning of your tenancy means you can and should document everything you think needs attention, loose door knobs, frayed carpets – anything you think isn’t perfect should be noted otherwise there’s no way to prove you aren’t responsible at checkout time.

Have fun – University is about so much more than studying; it’s about living your own life on your own terms. Making sure your inventory is sorted means you can totally forget about it and move on with the fun stuff.

If, on the day you move in you’re not offered an inventory, contact us here at InventoryBase and we’ll help you find a local inventory clerk that can help you out.

So enjoy your new life! Have fun, be safe and make sure you’re deposit is protected.