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When recruiting new staff for your business, training them must be one of the top priorities.

After the initial training period, ongoing development and training ensures that their skill set and output will improve, which ultimately benefits your business. This same rule applies to training staff in how to use a new proptech service or product.

The eruption of proptech in the last few years has, in a few cases, created a degree of confusion in the true price of services. This is because of the large quantity of suppliers who compete for business from agents in a crowded and ambitious market.

There has been much advice for agents on how to choose the best proptech solutions for their needs, but there has not been much focus on how to properly manage the implementation stages which follow, including effective support and training.

New software systems can appear complicated, and can also involve significant changes, which can potentially distract staff from their day-to-day operations if not properly managed.

This is why managing the training of staff effectively is a vital aspect in implementing new services, in addition to working alongside the supplier so that a smooth and seamless transition process is facilitated. A key part of this is to ensure that all ongoing support and training is correctly costed by the supplier, and ideally is unlimited and inclusive in your proptech package. This proves useful if you hire new staff in your organisation.

In order for proptech services and products to become valuable assets in your business, your employees must understand the software, and be able to utilise it to its fullest potential. Many businesses are guilty of only using a fraction of the technology capability which is available. This can prove fruitless and costly for your business.

Making sure that your employees understand and can use technology in the earliest stages could deter bad habits from developing, and increase the level of service for your business. This maximises your value for money. Therefore, when choosing a new supplier, investigate their post-implementation processes, including continued customer support and onboarding.

It is crucial to consider the needs of your company. Which staff members must be trained and how long the training for new services and products will take are important factors which will impact the daily requirements of your business, in addition to increasing the pressure felt by your staff.

This is why it is often hugely beneficial for the long term to work alongside a supplier who takes into account the specific needs and requirements of your business, while also supporting your employees accordingly.

Adopting proptech is often a long process, and you must take into consideration staff training as well as implementation, and the merits of the product and service itself, in order to estimate its true cost. For example, the inventory base login can prove crucial in producing professional standard property inventories, interim inspections, risk assessments, building inspections, tenant check ins and check outs.

Support and ongoing training from your proptech provider is as crucial to success as internal training. Training in the post-implementation stages allows employees to understand additional and new features, while becoming more efficient in using tools and software to their maximum potential.

Once you have chosen your supplier, you must consider how long you require additional support and training, what is on offer, and if there are additional costs involved.

Holding regular training sessions and meetings with your proptech supplier not only improves your business, but it can also have a wider positive impact on the property sector.

By conducting staff training and meetings, you have the opportunity to provide feedback and allow your employees to ask questions. A good supplier will use this opportunity to improve their software offering and implement useful new features which letting agents need and want.

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