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I’m not usually shocked when keeping up to date with the latest news in the property industry but a recent article on Letting Agent Today did make me double take.

According to the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks many landlords and agents are seeking ‘new for old’ at the end of a tenancy. Basically demanding tenants replace older items in the property with brand new ones – instead of like for like. There’s something about this that makes me very uncomfortable.  The idea that the landlords and agents, who are in positions of power, are taking advantage of tenants is really unsettling.

The article goes on to say that in one case the landlord even demanded that the tenants pay for repainting several rooms following a short tenancy. In this instance there was a check-in inventory clearly stating that the walls were already well marked and the few additional scuffs and rubs were clearly a normal wear and tear issue, due to the length of the tenancy.

Really shocking stuff which serves to highlight, once again, the importance of detailed, professional inventories.

When inventories are usually brought up in the media it’s normally all about protecting a landlord’s property from mistreatment and damage – but this article shows just how much the tenants need protecting too.

So whoever you are, and whichever side of the tenancy agreement you’re on, thorough inventories just make sense. A professional inventory, like the ones created using InventoryBase, will give a full and accurate picture of the state of a property at check-in. Pictures, descriptions, and dates are all used to provide proof of the exact nature of the property at a specific point in time.

So if you’re a landlord that’s ever claimed ‘new for old’ from a tenant shame on you, but if you’re in the majority that treat your tenants with respect and fairness then make sure you get the right inventory.

If you’re a tenant about to take on a new rental home, make sure the inventory is up to scratch – and if you think it’s substandard make some noise!  It’s your deposit you’ll be protecting.