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It is likely, at some point during a tenancy, that your tenants will go away on holiday and leave your property empty, and possibly vulnerable. Here, we guide you through the best ways to protect your home when your tenants go away on holiday.

Visual deterrents for thieves.

Most burglaries happen when nobody is home, so it is vital that the property appears occupied if your tenants are away. Simple tricks such as setting timers on internal lights or installing a television simulator light can act as a visual deterrent to potential burglars. Also ask your tenant to store valuable items such as electronic items, jewellery, money and important documents out of sight, so that they don’t tempt a thief. Blinds are particularly useful in reducing visibility, so consider fitting them on the ground floor windows of your investment property.

Install an alarm system

If your property has an alarm system installed, ensure your tenant understands how to use it properly, and that it is set before they leave. It is also wise to ask them to give you the security code should the property need to be entered in an emergency whilst they are away, and let them know they can change the code again when they return.

Lock doors and windows

This seems common sense, but surprisingly, many people simply forget to lock their windows and doors before leaving for their holiday. Remind your tenant to lock all external entry points, paying close attention to doors and windows, and closing internal doors. If the property contains a shed, garage or gates, ask your tenants to pay close attention and lock these too, to prevent access to the property. As landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that your tenant has copies of the keys, and that all locks are fit for purpose.

Ask permission to enter property

Before your tenant leaves the property, it is wise to ask their permission to enter the home in their absence. This not only ensures everything is in working order, it allows you the time to troubleshoot any maintenance issues, like potential leaks, whilst they are away. Even small drips or leaks can cause plenty of damage if left undetected for an extended period of time.

Inform insurance provider

If your investment property will be empty for a longer period of time, you may need to inform your insurance provider.

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