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InventoryBase team up with Acquaint CRM to improve and develop the property inspection process for hundreds of estate agents.

Property management software Acquaint CRM took the initiative to use InventoryBase’s API (Application Program Interface) and integrate InventoryBase into its existing system for its hundreds of estate agents to use on-demand.

The software will sync inspections, properties and users, to allow InventoryBase users to automatically schedule and manage inspections within Acquaint’s desktop management software, using InventoryBase to conduct the inspections on site and generate the reports which will then be available to download in Acquaint.

InventoryBase Managing Director Steve Rad said:

“We’re over the moon that the team at Acquaint CRM have implemented InventoryBase into their software. Our comprehensive API is available for customers to really make InventoryBase work within any existing environment and Acquaint has demonstrated this perfectly.”

Booking inspections and inventory reports through Acquaint’s system ensures customers only have one place to manage everything, reducing administration, increasing efficiency and strengthening the service we can provide customers.”

InventoryBase was designed to make creating, scheduling and comparing property inventory and inspection reports in the field as fast and streamlined as possible. A complete end-to-end solution, the software allows the user to create detailed inventories, check ins, check outs, inspections and risk assessments including photos, numbered and referenced to make it clear for readers. It also provides a booking system for clients, assigns visits to team members and is fully customisable to slot right into an individual or companies existing workflow.

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