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Working at InventoryBase we talk a lot about the tools property inventory clerks require. We’re always striving to make InventoryBase everything a clerk could possibly need to complete their job at the touch of their fingertips.

But what about the clerks themselves – what is it that makes an exceptional property clerk? Is there one thing that makes someone stand out in the industry or is a collection of skills required?

For Peter Burnham at Niche Communications “Attention to detail and 100% impartiality” are the most important traits that inventory clerks need. For Steve Rad, founder of InventoryBase “common sense and pride in the job” are paramount.

Individually these traits are certainly important:

Attention to detail – In their essence inventories are all about the details. Spotting and recording accurate inventories are skills that clerks develop on the job. After their initial training the best ones continue to learn and develop their own personal inventory taking process.

100% Impartiality – One of the main reasons Inventory clerks exist is too eradicate the ‘grey area’ that can occur between tenant and landlord. Creating an inventory is all about recording exactly what you see regardless of any other factors.

Common Sense – A prerequisite in almost every job, common sense is what allows Inventory clerks to produce sensible inventories. A well put together inventory will be the most important document at the time of a check-out.

Pride in the job – Pride in the job is the cherry on top. In our experience every outstanding inventory clerk has had a genuine sense of pride in what they do. Producing the perfect inventory takes someone with the desire to always do a great job.

In my opinion it’s got to be a mixture of all of the above – combined with a real interest in the industry and where it’s heading- that makes an exceptional clerk.

We’ve met hundreds of clerks since launching InventoryBase and the ones that stand out are the ones that are invested in what they do. They are always contacting us with ideas for what they would like the software to do and always keen to see what we’re going to do next.

If you’re a clerk using InventoryBase we’d love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch.