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Bookings Availability

Our new Bookings Availability calendar makes it easy to set and forget your regular working hours to restrict what your clients can select when booking appointments directly within your InventoryBase system.

Business Availability Settings

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Customisable Actions

With the expansion across various types of property inspections and visits, we’ve answered the call for customising the Actions you can add to a report, like flagging items for cleaning, maintenance or replacement.

Customise Follow-up Actions

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Paying External Clerks

We’ve improved our Pricelists. Enterprise customers using contractors have up until now had a means to set an expected margin percentage, and InventoryBase automatically calculates how much clerks will be paid. Now as an alternative option you can just set how much clerks will be paid as a fixed fee per report.


When a report is marked complete, InventoryBase can now immediately send a backup of the PDF to your chosen Dropbox account.