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Announcing the latest update to our Mobile and Tablet App for iOS and Android. v4.5 is now live on the App Store and Google Play, if automatic updates are turned off visit the Updates tab on your device to download manually.

What’s New:

  • ‘Pending Signatures’ now appear in-app and can be re-signed
  • Confirmation now shown once a report is successfully synced
  • Midterm Inventory added to Inspection Types
  • Conditions and descriptions are now shown side by side on Preview page (tablet or landscape)
  • Option to overwrite existing items when copying to other rooms

What’s Changed:

  • Major Dictionary improvements for predictive typing, case and cursor positioning
  • Double tap space bar to add periods within descriptions and conditions
  • Attachments for deleted Rooms & Items now Sync as backups
  • Can now edit & delete Attachments which already exist online
  • Selecting an item on the existing properties screen continues to the next screen automatically
  • Tapping the back arrow on new inspection screen now goes to existing properties screen
  • When creating a new inspection, the default selection for ‘Date’ is now the current day
  • When creating a new inspection, the default selections for ‘Location of Keys’ is now ‘With [Clerk]’
  • Copying items now allows copying into the room the item is currently in
  • Hold on an Room or Item to view Copy, Delete, Reorder options

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed Anytime inspections in DST showing as 1am
  • Keyboard input now focuses at end of existing text on when editing iOS