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We’ve released v4.9 of our Property Inventory & Inspection App: InventoryBase Go

This release focuses on a couple of key improvements to attachments and photos:

1. View previous/original photos to compare and re-take

Now you can view the photos from the previous inspection, or the original Check In when you’re conducting a Check Out. This will let you compare original photos in the field quickly, without having to refer to the previous report, and use them as a reference to re-take new photos. They’ll link together so we can store historical pictures of rooms and items over time and compare side-by-side on the final report.

2. Change the resolution/quality of your photos

We’ve added a new Settings page to the App. The ‘Update Settings’ button has moved to here, and will let you download/sync your dictionary and account settings as normal. In addition we’ve added a Photo Resolution selector, so you can choose how we downsize your photos. The default is ‘Small’ (800×600) with options to increase to Medium (1024×768) and Large (1280×1024).

Enterprise customers can opt to store Original full-resolution photos.High resolution copies are viewable/downloadable on the final report by clicking on any thumbnail. This way, we don’t inflate the size of your final report PDF.

3. Other updates

– Added a new ‘Alarms’ block type for entering details and test results for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

– Added ‘Investigate’ as an option for assignment of Action liabilities

– Fixed new photos taken in-app and subsequently deleted re-appearing on the website

If you’re on iOS you can grab the update here or go to your device’s App Store > Updates tab. On Android, download the update here or swipe down on the top left of your device to access pending Updates.