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Steps to Submit your meter readings (Video)

Ofgem has raised the energy price cap meaning that from the 1st April everyone will be paying more for their gas and electric.

Advice given by Martin Lewis of #MoneySavingExpert is for everyone to take gas and electricity meter readings on March 31st to ensure that you are not charged the new rate before the change.

This includes all energy meters even if they are smart meters.

Are you ready to submit your meter readings?

It’s likely to be a very busy day for energy suppliers so if you are unable to submit your meter readings on the 31st March, by taking a picture that includes the serial number and reading you can ensure you don’t pay more than you should once the price cap changes on the 1st April.

Submit the meter reading to your energy supplier as soon as you can.

If for whatever reason you can’t submit that day, you have photos as evidence of meter readings and the date they were taken by either adding them to your property’s report via the Inventory Base ‘additional comments’ column, as a report update or (if the report is still in review) add to the open report in the Meter Readings field.

Why do you need to do this?

It’s really important that energy suppliers do not charge for energy units used at the old lower rates before the change on 1st April 2022.

So inform your agents, your landlords and tenants so they can be ready and put a pin in their diary.

Taking a meter reading

If you are unsure how to take a reading then the following links might be of help:

SSE Energy Service – How to read your gas or electricity meter

EDF – How to read and submit your electric and gas meters

British Gas – How to take a reading on a smart meter

Which? – How to read your electricity meter

Join Inventory Base and make Thursday 31st March 2022 National Meter reading day!