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InventoryBase, providers of market-leading property inspection software announce their latest application for Covid secure working – live inspections

Since the start of the global pandemic, agents and landlords have continued to face huge logistical difficulties in balancing safety with demand. Urgent works cannot be ignored, agents and property managers must continue to deliver effective property management, despite the restrictions to the market. This includes the need to carry out interim inspections or maintenance diagnostics which are a useful and, in some cases, vital way of monitoring a property during a tenancy. With social distancing in force, however, this has become increasingly difficult and time consuming.

The lettings industry has felt the increased demand for rental properties, especially in more rural areas where tenants looked for a better balance and more space. This has been expressed with an increase of the national average for asking rent up 3.4% in Q2 of 2020 in comparison with the year before. However, despite the positives of a buoyant market and a high demand for rental properties; agents need to be able to meet this demand while still maintaining the safety for those involved at every step of the lettings process.

In their initial response to the COVID outbreak back in March, InventoryBase created self-service inspection templates and guides, allowing property professionals to invite tenants to complete interim and pre check-out inspections themselves, prioritising the health of all involved while still getting the job done. 

Taking Covid-Secure reporting to the next level in the midst of Lockdown 2.0; InventoryBase has launched InventoryBase Live, a remote inspection tool to view and inspect properties in real time. This new service will mean professional inventory providers, property owners and managers can virtually inspect and assess the property’s issues and conditions anytime, anywhere. 

With Live property inspections; the service provider will be able to carry out multiple property visits, unhindered by the need to travel, collect and return keys and more importantly, lessen the risks and disruption to the tenants work or family routines. The service still needs an expert eye to carry out detailed reports. Inventory providers will  communicate directly with tenants enabling a two-way conversation and opportunity between the tenant and clerk to complete a detailed and accurate report. Unlike self-service, the property professional conducting the report will be able to direct the tenant, request a ‘closer view’ or ask the tenant for comment on any issues, in much the same way if they were there  in person. 

Through their new services, InventoryBase has helped property professionals continue to offer valuable services and complete over 20,000 remote property inspections since the first lockdown. These self-service inspections have enabled the industry to continue to protect tenants and property assets right across the country. 

Steve Rad, Managing Director commented

“InventoryBase is at the forefront of digital growth in the property sector and continues to strive to offer new and innovative ways to deliver key services to the industry. We are constantly looking to enhance the activities of property professionals and ensure that both properties and its tenants are safeguarded and compliant. With InventoryBase Live, our primary aim is to make navigating the impacts, issues and conditions caused by coronavirus more manageable with services that will continue to be of value well into the future.”

InventoryBase Live Inspections are available to customers now, providing safety, security, and simplicity to your clients and tenants.