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“The story serves as a stark reminder to landlords to do regular property inspections.”

That’s how Landlord Today is describing the situation that a Shropshire landlord found themselves in when a tenant left their rented property full of rubbish.

The report claims that the floor of the property couldn’t be seen beneath a sea of food waste and empty bottles. The resulting clean up will far exceed the deposit the landlord received and will take a few weeks to complete – meaning the landlord is not in a position to collect any rent from new tenants.

This story is no doubt extreme but it does highlight the importance of keeping an eye on rented property inbetween check-in and check-out.

As with most stories like this the tenant was well thought of, had a good job and always paid the rent on time.  I guess because of this the landlord never dreamed of what would await them at the end of the tenancy.

The InventoryBase system allows agents, landlords and clerks to carry out as many interim inspections as they like. Interim inspections benefit both landlords and tenants as they accurately show the state of a property throughout the tenancy. From the landlords point of view they get to see that the property is being well treated and looked after in a responsible way, but also the tenants get to bring any potential issues to light before they become expensive repair jobs.

There is no downside to keeping accurate reports of the state of the property. Everyone is better off.  In some cases tenants can feel reluctant to allow interim inspections as they feel they are intrusive and time consuming. However with InventoryBase the inspection is carried out using the information from the initial inventory so the inspection can be focused and quickly carried out by the clerk.

An inspection every six months allows everyone in the rental agreement to feel safe, secure and relaxed in the knowledge that all is well. For more information on using InventoryBase click here.