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A buy to let landlord based in Edinburgh is facing the prospect of losing his license following the eviction of a young family, and has been left appealing to his remaining tenants for support in preventing being blacklisted by Edinburgh Council. David Love, the landlord, owns a portfolio consisting of 15 investment properties located in and just outside, the city of Edinburgh.

The case hit headlines in early 2018 after Mr Love evicted mother of nine, Donna Newby and her children for not making rent payments. They had occupied the property for nine years. Aside from facing the prospect of being made homeless, Ms Newby and her children found all of their possessions discarded in the street by the landlord, with some items such as electronic toys, laptops and televisions broken beyond repair.

No one was in the property when Mr Love, an amateur boxer, and some friends arrived at the flat in Drylaw, Edinburgh, in March 2018. The family’s possessions were then piled up outside the home, before Ms Newby, 41, appeared at the flat to find all her belongings in a heap outside. Donna Newby had fallen behind on rent payments after losing her housing benefit due to missing her JobCentre appointment.

However, after being left with almost no belongings, the tenant chose to take action against her landlord, which may lead to Mr Love having his licence taken away by the council. A council spokesperson confirmed that the revocation of the landlord’s registration is planned for consideration by the licensing subcommittee at Edinburgh Council. The council requested information held by Police Scotland, as part of the investigation by the council focusing on the suitability of the registered landlord.

Afraid of having his license revoked, Mr Love has called on the other tenants he lets property to, which are commonly families living on low incomes, to support him or potentially be made homeless.

David Love explained that if he lost his landlord license, he would be forced to evict the 15 families he currently rents houses to, making them homeless, as he would be forced to sell the properties. He has therefore asked the licensing committee to consider the wellbeing of his other tenants as part of their assessment, as these families could be made homeless by the decision to revoke his license. Mr Love has stated that the majority of his tenants are families on benefits, with three tenants receiving disability benefits. These tenants would have little chance of securing another family home in Edinburgh.

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