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If you’re a property inventory clerk, you know that between check-in and check-out a lot can change in a property – especially if the tenants are long term or if the property has many rooms and many tenants.

Wear and tear can be a subjective thing –  landlords and tenants  usually have varying views of what is acceptable! Because of this, interim inspections are an invaluable tool for clerks.

Updating the condition of the property as the tenancy progresses keeps things straightforward. Interim inspections usually lead to faster, smoother check-outs and isn’t that what everyone wants?

Here at InventoryBase we want things to run smoothly for everyone, so we’ve developed a system that not only allows you to keep track of any changes to the condition of the property over time but also highlights these changes on the original report with an orange triangle – making amendments easy to find at any time.


The orange triangle allows clerks to quickly and easily reference any changes that have been noted, and reports can even be printed showing all the changes that have been logged during a tenancy. This report gives a super quick checklist that has numerous applications both throughout the tenancy and at checkout.

This simple feature removes the need to trawl through old reports and compare them with more recent versions – saving clerks a huge amount of time. The system also allows clerks, landlords and tenants to easily look at how the property has changed over time, resulting in simpler check-outs for everyone.