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Dear Customer,

This month marks the 5-year anniversary since we, a small team of software guys at Radweb, officially launched InventoryBase.

What an incredible and enduring journey it has been.

You might think property reporting software is a bit dull and boring. Well, it depends what you’re comparing it to, but believe me, building InventoryBase hasn’t been a dull or boring job… it’s been full of innovation, excitement, challenges, and breakthroughs, from a technology perspective. And that’s exactly what we love being involved in at Radweb.

When InventoryBase entered the market 5 years ago, we disrupted an industry by creating a useful product for a price-conscious market that we sold at better value than our competitors.

There were already a handful of Apps or desktop applications on the market that people used to produce property inventory or inspection reports and they were somewhat cumbersome, and pricey, costing you £5-10 per report. For a typical customer, that would be at least £100 per month. For a heavy user, it was in the thousands.

InventoryBase provided unlimited property inspection reports for as little as £25 per month, and the average customer paid £60 per month. We reduced an expense while providing a far superior product and service.

We were the first in many categories when in came to developing a market leading property inspection platform, with a feature-rich web system combined with both online and offline report editing, instant or timely answers to questions and challenges users had with our product, by no one other than us, and a development process that allowed us to make updates all day long without affecting existing users, using feedback to improve and develop InventoryBase at a rapid pace with our own in-house developers. This is what made InventoryBase a cut above the rest.

In fact, it’s led to a whopping 80%+ retention rate with our customers. Those who sign up to InventoryBase… stick with InventoryBase long term!

If you haven’t seen or used InventoryBase in a while, then it might feel like a completely new product today. We’re also entering a new phase for our company, where we will be launching new products and services.

We’re releasing the brand new, built-from-the-ground-up Apps for InventoryBase on iOS and Android. Version 5 will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks, to coincide with our 5th Birthday!

We’re releasing a ton of updates and improvements to the web platform, including new inspection formats, more template options, better invoicing and customer billing solutions, and a bunch of new add-ons and integrations.

We’re also going to announce a series of new product launches over the next few months. This is the place to keep an eye out for that, or you can subscribe to our mailing list.

Thank you for sticking with us – Your business has made it possible for us to publish this letter 5 years on.

From Steve & the whole InventoryBase team