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As part of their standard service, the proptech leader has now included a tenant report template and self-inspection facility.

As we move into a period of nationwide lockdown, and all non-essential travel and work is prohibited (unless operated from home), InventoryBase has released an update to their core service to enable self-service reporting functionality to enable customers to continue to facilitate inspections. 

Whilst many letting agents have the ability to work from home, inventory clerks and providers cannot physically complete a property inspection without a visit – until now. 

InventoryBase has now launched its free self-service model as part of their property inspection platform. The service enables inventory providers and letting agents who use the software to send a link directly to tenants, including a basic report template and instructions. Tenants can complete the report using their mobile device, including uploading photos and video. 

Property inspections are now more important than ever. Landlords and managing agents still have a responsibility to ensure that rented property is safe and adheres to the standards set out in the Fitness for Human Habitation Act. 

With some members of the public already having to self-isolate for a minimum 12 weeks, it is vital that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, amongst other concerns, in all rental properties are checked regularly. 

Steve Rad, managing director of InventoryBase said:

“We understand the need for property inspections to continue from a health and safety aspect despite the lockdown, so have moved swiftly to provide the facility for clerks and agents to liaise with tenants directly and ensure that their safety is maintained. Our new self-service facility provides a zero-contact way to complete reports, which can then be reviewed instantly and advice given or action taken by the landlord or managing agent if needed giving peace of mind to all.”

The self-service facility is available now to all existing InventoryBase customers and via clerks using the software to provide reports to letting agents and landlords. 

Guidance for providers can be found here. 

Guidance for tenants to complete reports online can be found here or guidance to complete the report in-app can be found here

InventoryBase has the facility to transfer existing reports from alternative reporting systems should providers want to switch to carry out mid-term inspections remotely – sign up here.