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Property inventory clerks, it’s always the way – InventoryBase helps you create a neat, tidy and accurate property inventory report. You present your pristine copy of the report to a new tenant to sign and they make a few adjustments of their own – scribbling all over your lovely clean pages!

Well not anymore – at InventoryBase we’re celebrating the end of messy notes and scrawling handwriting thanks to our tenant commenting function. Our new system allows tenants to add their own notes and observations to a report in an easily readable way.

The tenant can simply tap on the entry they wish to comment on and their own text box appears to be filled in as they wish. The notes are then saved alongside the report to be accessed if and when required.

By allowing tenants to add to the report online, the system will also reduce the need to print reports, cutting costs and reducing your environmental impact.

From a tenants point of view the commenting system ensures their voice is heard, allowing them to contribute clearly to the report, helping to keep things straightforward if there is any kind of dispute at check-out.

We’re so pleased with Tenant Commenting and we think you will be too. Property inventory clerks already using it in the field have been nothing but positive about the system. If you’re a clerk wanting to give InventoryBase a free trial, click here.

Keeping it simple

InventoryBase was designed to make property inventories straightforward and we’re constantly advancing the software to make inventory clerk’s lives easier. Tenant commenting is the latest in a string of advancements we’ve made recently including online signatures and handwriting recognition.

We’re constantly listening to clerks feedback about InventoryBase and how they use it. As a result we’ve got lots of exciting new developments coming throughout 2014 – watch this space.

To find out more about Tenant Commenting click here.