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Today InventoryBase released their new Multi-account module for accessing multiple InventoryBase accounts from a single login.

InventoryBase works with thousands of property service suppliers including independent inventory providers across the UK . As suppliers typically work with multiple agents, and in turn some agents work with multiple suppliers, InventoryBase now makes it simple to switch between multiple accounts from a single login.

InventoryBase is the market leading software for producing property reports in a fraction of the time and managing the end-to-end inspection process. It’s popularity amongst inventory clerks, outsourced property inspectors and assessors means users are completing reports on behalf of numerous and varied clients and wearing several different hats each day.

And with InventoryBase soaring in popularity amongst letting agents, residential and commercial property managers; their ability to conduct regular inspections, assessments and property visits is now easier with the functionality to collaborate across multiple accounts and link seamlessly with existing suppliers.

Steve Rad, Managing Director stated:

“We work with many independent and SME inventory providers around the UK, working solely for themselves or also contracting for various agencies and I know it has always been a hurdle to switch between different accounts to carry out reports. We are excited to finally be able to make the process smoother and help our customers and their clients collaborate with each other more seamlessly.”

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