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We spent over a year building and perfecting the recent version 3 release of our App, using the latest cutting edge technologies and quickly saw how much of an improvement it was for our users.

Having delivered tens of thousands of reports over peak season, we’re very proud of our team here for the collective effort getting the new App launched, and have been fortunate to have great customers offering their input and feedback along the way.

All the work done over countless iterations for that version 3 launch was primarily so that we could redefine how we build and release our mobile Apps, seeing as that we’re always updating our web platform with new features and improvements practically daily. Our customers rely on us the most while out in the field, so it was important that we focused on delivering a better user experience for mobile and tablet users.

We’re now excited to release version 4 of the InventoryBase Go App! It’s such a significant change to the way reports are completed that we decided it needs its own launch!

As we promised, this version takes us even closer to our class-leading online report editor. All items, descriptions, conditions, actions and photos are now listed and editable from one page, making it faster to complete with less clicks and a better sense of progress.

Our Assisted Text-entry powered by a customisable Dictionary lets you easily complete long sentences in a few taps of the keyboard, such as typing ‘mtlhs’ to add ‘marked to left hand side’ or ‘fwt‘ for ‘fair wear and tear’.

Property Inventory & Inspection App

Other input formats include Checklists for Yes/No/N.A., Clean/Undamaged/Working, or even star ratings.

With our wide range of inspection formats and inputs, customers are using InventoryBase to create all kinds of reports:

– Inventory & Schedule of Condition
– Check In / Check Out
– Interim / Periodic Inspections
– Legionella Risk Assessments
– Hotel/Resort Rentals
– Building Inspections
– HMOs, and more…

Customisable templates and inspection types give you the ability to cover a wide range of inspections and just choose the format you need when you need it.

Here’s a complete list of updates:

  1. All items and inputs now show inline on a room-by-room basis. Add descriptions and conditions side-by-side for detailed inventories or tap through checklists to conduct regular inspections faster, adding optional comments, actions and photos, all on one page
  2. New Preview page now linked directly from the rooms list, take a quick glance of the final report without having to mark it complete, which you can do from the Preview page itself, just like we had in v2
  3. Better support for both Portrait and Landscape modes on smartphones and tablets
  4. Support for up to 6 condition labels on Simplified rooms/checklists
  5. Item name now shown in dictionary field popups – for those forgetful souls
  6. Email addresses are no longer a required field when taking signatures, but if they’re entered we’ll automatically tell tenants when their reports are reviewed and/or ready to view online
  7. Automatically navigate back to room when finished recording audio/dictation
  8. Support for recording video as additional supporting evidence or to create video-based inspections (iOS only at this time, Android soon)

Customise InventoryBase to suit your business

People regularly ask us what sets us apart from the competition with our product, and while we may have a long list of USPs we know what our customers really love is the level of customisation that InventoryBase offers. Did you know you can:

  • Customise your Autotext Dictionary, to standardise your language across your team and your reports
  • Customise your report layout, notes, disclaimers, size of photos, features, headers and footers
  • Customise your templates, how you collect data in the field, and what format your team works to
  • Customise your Client Service, with options for automatic report delivery, client-specific billing, report review, and even client-specific reports
  • Customise your InventoryBase even further by integrating it with 3rd-party applications, we are working with a number of property software vendors, property service products and accounts packages already!
  • For our Enterprise customers there’s even the ability to brand our entire platform, and customise the design of the final reports.

We’re making customisations more accessible to users on Standard plans, so if you’re interested in getting more out of your InventoryBase, get in touch.

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