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Property Inspection and Inventory reporting app, InventoryBase release the latest version of their software.

Cloud-based property inspection app, InventoryBase have now officially launched version 5 of their market leading property inspection software. Following feedback from users, the developers at InventoryBase have been working hard to provide lots of new features to improve the experience and functionality of the app.

Version 5 of InventoryBase is their best update yet, combining written notes, checklists, high quality photos and audio dictation into one flawless app.

The latest version allows the user to tap shortcuts to fill in common descriptions and sentences or pick from the auto-text dictionary, while you type up detailed reports on-site faster than ever before.

Prefer to dictate? Hit record and continue to flag notes or take photos, pause and continue audio recordings and upload to transcribe online using the built-in audio playback tools.

You can also take multiple photos back to back or switch to the HDR camera to get the highest quality images.

The following features have been added:

  1. Performance

InventoryBase have engineered the new app with significant performance improvements to make completing hefty reports with hundreds or thousands of photos and audio recordings as smooth as completing a quick checklist.

  1. Photos

Taking embedded photos was a great step to reduce the time spent uploading and assigning photos from an external camera. Now you can capture multiple shots in a row without leaving the camera. There’s no limit and you can also see the thumbnails of the photos you’re taking while you’re taking them along the bottom.

  1. Dictation

To improve the in-app dictation, InventoryBase have rebuilt the audio recorder. Record, pause and play back audio dictations with ease. You can now continue to work on your report or take photos while recording audio at the same time.

  1. Templates

Append multiple area templates to your report or overwrite templates in the field from your own template library. Save time in the field setting up new rooms and data capture formats.

  1. Built-in GPS 

Track key geolocation data out in the field, like when and where reports are started, completed and signed. Keep track of your team and add further protection for tenancy disputes.

  1. New Add-Item Menu

Now when you’re in a room/area, clicking Add Item will show a menu. The typical option, of course, is to add an item… and now provides access to camera, library, headings and sub-items all from the same menu.

  1. Improved Navigation 

The icing on the cake? Navigating through IB5 feels even more natural to use as you swipe between photos, tab between descriptions and conditions and flick back and forth between sections of your report.

Steve Rad, Managing Director of InventoryBase said:

“We’re really excited to be able to share InventoryBase Version 5 with both existing and new customers. We have taken feedback from Inventory Clerks and Property Inspectors around the country and used this to develop and improve the app for all users. We are continuing with further development and will be launching InventoryBase version 5.1 within the coming months.”

InventoryBase V5 is now live and can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play.