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InventoryBase are excited to announce the launch of our new Template Library which will allow users to access a variety of ‘common sense’ templates for use in the residential, commercial, hospitality and health & safety sectors of property reporting.

With an increased need to abide by evolving legislation and keep costs down, InventoryBase provides a platform to help customers manage maintenance issues, safeguard tenants and reduce tenancy disputes by enabling regular inspections and helping the user to produce detailed reports on a regular basis.

With over 30 (and ever increasing) customisable templates; InventoryBase’s new Template Library has a range of property report templates that include the latest requirement for landlords to ensure their property is fit for use:

Fitness for Human Habitation

  • Lists all 29 hazards
  • Ability to assign a Hazard Category using the customisable Action function
  • Yes / No questions for quick and easy but detailed information capture
  • Useful information prompts to help compile the report whether you are a letting agent, landlord or inventory clerk
  • Guidance notes to help get you started  

Detailed Interim Inspection / Property Visit

  • Comprehensive template that helps the user detail all aspects of the property from rooftop to communal areas
  • Useful prompts to help the user capture the type of issues that may impact on the tenancy i.e unauthorised occupancy

HMO Fire & Safety / Property Audit

  • Takes into account the legislative requirements for HMO’s
  • Customisable template so it can be as comprehensive or as ‘light’ as the user needs
  • Yes / No questions for quick and easy information capture

Block Management

  • Designed to help block managers inform their overall management process of buildings
  • Encourages the user to look at internal hallways, roofs, external elevations and communal areas
  • Useful information prompts

Legionella Risk Assessment – Light

  • A ‘light touch’ report based on the more comprehensive and detailed Legionella Risk Assessment template available within the Inventory Base Library
  • Easy to understand risk categories
  • Fields to prompt the user to identify defects and assign a responsible person  

These are just a few of the templates available within our library that will be continuously added to and can be downloaded directly into your account by going to Settings > Templates > Template Library

InventoryBase launch new Template Library

Each template is customisable so if you just need help setting your own version you can just download and copy the entire template, rename it and starting customizing!  

With new legislation being passed all the time; InventoryBase enables you to keep up to date and share in best working practices, providing effective reporting to enhance your service.

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