InventoryBase 5.4 Release Notes

The latest update to the InventoryBase app is now live for Apple iOS and Google Play.

Take a quick look at what’s new…

Updated Interface 

Room photos are now accessible at the top of each room. In addition, we’ll now show your item-level photos underneath each item. No more clicking back and forth between photo pages and rooms. ​


Multi-Select Photos

Tap the ‘View All’ button to view a page of thumbnails where you can multi-select to add captions, re-assign or delete in bulk. ​


In-App Messages 

Inspection messages are now accessible in-app, via the Messages button towards the bottom of the Inspection Details page. ​

​Post messages and notes between staff and clients directly from the app. 


Additional Client Details

View Client contact and address information by tapping on the client’s name in the Inspection Info page​


Improved Camera 

Numerous improvements including press and hold for AE/AF lock, plus access to your camera roll directly from the bottom left of the camera window.​

​We’ve also updated the hardware camera with better support for wide-angle lens photos and use of front camera. ​

Pre-Set Action Comments

You can now setup pre-defined comments for a specific Action, to reduce repetition in typing. ​

​Head to Settings > Actions and click on any action to enter your common phrases.  These comments will appear as options with the Actions Comments window…​


As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback, and we hope you enjoy the latest version!

Download for Apple iOS | Download for Google Android