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If it can be done online, we do it.

Banking, communicating and working have all been revolutionised by the World Wide Web. The time and money saved is undeniable – InventoryBase can now even take online signatures from tenants when they have agreed the inventory.

So it begs the question if the images, text and authorization for a property inventory can all be sent electronically, why have a clerk at all? Why not just let the tenants and landlords use the software to record the state of the property on check in and send it there and then.

Property inventory clerks are unbiased.

Their presence ensures the inventory is completed accurately and that the finished report is an exact record of the state of the property at the time of check-in.  No matter how honest a tenant may try to be if tasked with doing their own inventory – adding a few extra scuffs or marks on the carpet might be all to tempting. On the flipside a landlord might not be able to resist ignoring a few knocks and scrapes to work in their favour during check-out. Having an unbiased clerk completing the inventory also eliminates any elements of “he said, she said” come check out time.

Property inventory clerks have a professional eye.

Being a clerk is a skilled role. Relevant training and experience make sure that they know exactly what to look for when it comes to inventories. No matter how hard a tenant or landlord try to put together an accurate inventory, lack of experience will inevitably lead to missed information. Even poorly recorded damage – i.e. badly described or photographed- can be difficult to use as evidence in a dispute.  Inventory clerks have seen it all and know that the report they submit will be accurate, and all the information will be useable if required at check-out.

Property inventory clerks provide both parties anonymity.

It’s quite common, especially in small areas or when the landlord live nearby, for the landlord and tenant to keep a professional distance between them. If they were tasked with completing an inventory together on the day of check in, there could be some awkward repercussions further down the line. Not being able to agree on the level of damage on a piece of furniture for example could lead to a resentment developing on the first day of the tenancy – not good for either landlord or tenant going forward.

Property inventory clerks allow an inventory to be completed if the landlord or tenant are there or not.

In some cases landlords may not be able to be at the property themselves, either through prior engagements, living a long way from the property or even not being physically able to be there in person. It’s the clerk’s job to be there at the start of the tenancy no matter what.

Property inventory clerks bring added benefits.

Working in the lettings business, clerks will undoubtedly have a wider understanding of the process than just being able to complete a report. They could potentially spot risks and hazards that the landlord may need to get looked at, or be able to advise a new tenant on what to expect from their landlord if they need assistance or have an enquiry. In all parts of life it never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes on things and that’s exactly what a good inventory clerk can bring to a property.

So in the future when we’re all at home in our little world doing everything online, working, playing and beaming information around the globe – I think there’ll always be inventory clerks working across the UK, using their skills, eyes and expertise to make sure landlords and tenants can co-exist in peace and harmony – do you?