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The Propertymark Trust is the charitable arm of Propertymark, an organisation dedicated to supporting professionals in the property industry. It was initially established to extend a helping hand to its members and their families, so the trust plays quite an important role in building a support network within the property sector.

At its heart, the Propertymark Trust wants to ensure that no member of Propertymark faces hardship on their own. This could be a range of challenges – a struggle with illness, financial difficulties, or the pursuit of professional development.

To that end, the trust assists with various forms of help, and their support is viewed by the industry as crucial for those who have aspirations to become a part of the property industry or indeed current members who wish to advance their careers, but might be hindered by financial constraints or other challenges.

Propertymark Trust’s services are therefore designed to be both accessible and confidential, so members can seek help without the fear of stigma or a breach of privacy looming over them.

While it primarily focuses on providing financial support to new members that may be held back by economic barriers, the trust also steps up to offer assistance when members are enduring times of personal hardship, like Rob Lewis, a Propertymark member of 35 years who had suffered a stroke.

As the trust says themselves, it takes courage to ask for help, so it handles all of its applications with complete discretion, so it’s clear to see that its goal is not only to provide assistance, but also uphold dignity and respect for everyone.

Along with these values and its support services, the Propertymark Trust is an important part of the property industry, strengthening it to ensure that its members are well-equipped to thrive both professionally and personally. Let’s take a look at its services a bit more closely.

How does Propertymark Trust support professionals?

No two challenges are the same, so Propertymark Trust offers a range of support services to the community. These services are designed to assist its members during their most challenging times, with an emphasis on overcoming financial hardship, offering educational opportunities, and navigating health-related issues.


One of the primary ways the trust helps is through financial support. This is particularly important for new or prospective members who face economic barriers that could prevent them from joining Propertymark and advancing in their careers. The trust can provide grants and subsidies that help cover application fees to Propertymark, as well as other associated costs.


Of the many things Inventory Base and Propertymark share, one is that we both recognise the importance of continuous professional development. While we offer training and support through the InventoryBase Academy, the Propertymark Trust allocates educational grants to its members so they can pursue further qualifications. These grants can be used to pay for courses, fees, and study materials, meaning that all members have the opportunity to enhance their skills and competencies. They are, of course, essential for delivering high-quality service and advice to consumers, which in turn builds trust in the property industry.


Mental and physical health issues can have a profound impact on personal and professional lives. A recent report by Agents Together claims that 35% of property agents are facing some form of mental health problem. Moreover, researchers from the University of Cambridge and University College London found that the property sector has one of highest rates of mental health problems.

However, this isn’t unique to the property industry. Simply Business recently surveyed hundreds of small business owners and more than half said they suffered from anxiety, 62% have been affected by stress, and 30% experienced depression.

Because of this, the trust’s support is crucial in maintaining the overall well-being of members, allowing them to continue their professional activities without undue stress.

Building a thriving, resilient property industry

Each and every day, Propertymark Trust has a significant impact on the lives of many people within the property industry.

Through the trust’s support, many members have been able to tackle substantial personal and professional challenges, and the financial support they offer is giving aspiring property professionals a chance to develop their careers, despite economic hurdles.

Nowadays, with a growing awareness of mental health issues and the shocking revelation that the property industry is one of the worst suffering, the trust has increased its focus on supporting members who face mental health challenges.

It has developed initiatives that provide specialised resources and support, and the outcomes of that serve as an example of how Propertymark Trust’s focus on mental health has positively impacted personal and professional lives up and down the country, reaffirming how the actions and initiatives of Propertymark Trust, and the support of its members and suppliers like Inventory Base, are crucial to help build a thriving, supportive, and resilient property sector.

Sian Hemming-Metcalfe, Operations Director at Inventory Base, says that as an ambassador for Propertymark Trust, her mission is to help build a strong support network across our industry.

“From agents to valuers, auctioneers to inventory clerks and beyond, we’re all in this together. By uniting forces and rallying around our shared goal of uplifting and empowering one another, we can create a more resilient and supportive industry.”

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