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A new and innovative tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence to help buy-to-let investors find the best deals, has been created by a newly launched investment company.

The website, created by One & Only Pro, took two years of data analysis and algorithm development before being officially launched, and contains data on around 100,000 properties within 172 laboriously identified buy-to-let locations. The tool then rates properties on a 1 to 10 scale, and states whether they boast yields of more than 10 per cent or are available under the market value.

The higher the rating, the more likely the property is to increase in price. The tool gives an instant clue on the potential prospects of capital appreciation of investment properties for buy-to-let landlords.

Properties awarded a score of 10 are ideal investments, and once in a lifetime opportunities which will sell fast. Properties which score a rating of between 9 and 7 are great investment opportunities, and are likely to outperform similar properties. Lower scores can still indicate solid investment opportunities, but buy-to-let investors are primarily interested in the largest yields possible that are indicated higher in the ratings.

Studied by data analysts, each listing also describes what One & Only Pro explains as a true rental yield. The company offers a seven-day trial for free, but the most useful data demands a monthly subscription. Henri Sant-Cassia, One & Only Pro’s Chief Executive, has explained that the website was designed with the particular aim of aiding investors in identifying opportunities more efficiently, and using the best data possible.

Property investors must always think carefully before investing, and it is hoped that this platform will provide them with the ability to make informed decisions by evaluating information and data which is not available elsewhere. Mr Sant-Cassia has described how he has previously found yields which are published online to be frequently misleading, causing frustration. He claims that his firm is, however, committed to offering the most up-to-date and accurate data on property investment yields on the market.

One of the platform’s other aims is to aid dejected first-time house buyers to get onto the property ladder by buying cheaper investment opportunities, and providing them with the information to do so. One & Only Pro hopes to aid the next generation, especially those looking to buy their first home in London, as opportunities are limited because of exceptionally high property prices. The firm hopes that by researching property investment in a different way, the platform could help increase property ownership while helping investors to meet the demand for rental homes.

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