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Whether you are a resident management company, house builder or property investor, property management is crucial.

With more people choosing, or being forced into, renting, due to the astronomical rise in house prices, the expectations of tenants, and the service they want to receive is getting higher and more extensive. There is a wide range of new technology and innovations now available on the market to help with this, including effective property management software in the UK. Software is now readily available to help landlords and agents provide the best service, with other innovations offering the best in state of the art living and accommodation.

However, it is vital that your chosen property manager uses technology effectively, to meet standards such as those in tenant health and safety. Understandably, in recent years, there has been a growing focus on everyday health and safety in rental properties, which has come to the forefront of the minds of property managers across the country. An effective property manager will be able to efficiently handle the health and safety of property and their tenants, and much more, which reduces the stress of managing rental properties for landlords. But what should you look out for in a good property manager?

Here we discuss the key points.

Your chosen property manager must have a good track record. Ask for recommendations for property managers, and speak to different professionals in order to understand the service they provide and what sets them apart from the competition. A good property manager will ensure that your tenants are encouraged to stay longer, as maintenance issues and repairs are carried out promptly, with costs reduced as trusted contractors who are known by the property manager conduct the work. An efficient property manager will also reduce the void periods between tenancies to a minimum.

A good property manager will have excellent knowledge and wide-ranging expertise in cutting edge technology, which will help them manage rental properties more efficiently. For example, apps can be used to track rental property inspections, which can be tailored to each building, so the property manager knows exactly which areas must be inspected and evaluated. Property management software in the UK and inspection tools allow agents to add photographs and record information in a bespoke report which is produced for their client.

By using recent technological innovations, tenants can pay the service charges they owe, receive communications from the landlord or letting agent online and directly to their email inbox, and view tenancy agreements. For example, the property manager can inform the tenant of when the property’s windows will be cleaned.

Property management technology is also helping streamline the processes in letting property, including important elements such as health and safety.

Traditionally, property owners would gather separate reports for electrical assessments, fire risk assessments and other risk reports. Nowadays, however, all these reports and assessments are consolidated onto online platforms and tools, which allows all aspects of letting property to be tracked and monitored.

Software innovations also alert property managers when reports are due in advance, ensuring that landlords are complying with all the necessary regulations and laws of letting property. Even records of meetings can be kept online, and property owners can also receive alerts if new documentation is added, which ensures that they are kept updated at all times.

Another benefit of property software is that all relevant documents are available 24/7, for both tenants and landlords. A personal approach is crucial for property managers, to enable them to really understand their property portfolio and forge good, long-standing relationships with their clients. The property industry is fast-moving, and constantly evolving, so it is important that you search for a property manager with longevity, who can provide a bespoke and personalised approach for your business. Property managers who are also accredited ensure a quality service.

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