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What are pre check out notes?

It’s a template that enables the tenant to capture the information you would normally receive/collate when meeting the tenant at the check out appointment but with current restrictions in force due to social distancing this is currently not possible. 

Why have you introduced this as a service; surely we do this at check out? 

The self-serve template has been added to our self-service options in direct response to the TDS advice to help manage any delay between the date the tenant vacates the property and when the inventory clerk can safely attend. See full guidance here: Tenancy deposit scheme – Covid-19

Does it mean there won’t be a check out report completed on the property?

No. The self-serve option is merely to help tenants to record any issues that they would normally advise the inventory clerk of during a check-out appointment. A full check out report should be conducted as soon as possible after the tenant has vacated the property and is safe to do so under current COVID-19 guidance. 

Will landlords and agents now opt to use this template instead of my services?

This is very unlikely as inventory reports are detailed and the self-serve pre check out notes template is designed to capture only the basic information needed to ensure the property is both safe and secure until the check out report can be completed. 

What happens to the information once the tenant submits it?

It becomes part of the audit trail for the property and can then be referred to by the clerk when completing the full check out and, if needed, added to the information supplied to the deposit scheme should a dispute be raised. 

What happens if the tenant intentionally fails to mention any major issues in the pre check out notes?

A prompt field for the tenant has been added to the start of the template to ensure they understand their responsibilities under the tenancy agreement