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Leading Proptech software providers InventoryBase are excited to announce the launch of a new drone survey and inspections booking facility, in partnership with Drone Safe Register, as part of their multifaceted Workstreams service. 

In what is quite possibly the most disruptive period in recent history, innovation doesn’t rest.

Drones are fast becoming the next must-have tool for all types of property reports and are the ideal partner for surveyors carrying out external property inspections, providing unrivaled aerial video and photographic access for use when looking to secure that all important instruction for the estate agency market.

By embracing the use of drones; agents will be able to re-engage, incentivise and develop new strategies to grow their client base which is vital in order to keep the industry moving  forward.

With proptech at the forefront of such innovation; throwing away ‘the box’ is key to moving the estate and lettings industry beyond the property boundaries and is how Drone Safe Register in partnership with Inventorybase Workstreams will bring the use of drones into mainstream property reports and marketing.

And with the use of drones increasing all the time; positive disruptive applications include Aerial Photography, Aerial Videos and Roof/Building Inspections. 

Steve Rad, Managing Director of InventoryBase commented “Aerial photography and inspections provide a more in-depth and complete picture of a property’s exterior, land and surrounding area. As remote management becomes more of a norm, remote services like this will provide enormous value and provide a competitive edge when marketing or managing your property on your clients’ behalf.”

Mark Boyt, CEO and Founder of Drone Safe Register added; “We are delighted to have partnered with InventoryBase. As the largest network of CAA approved professionals nationwide, we are able to provide incredible quality aerial data to our customers on demand. Our industry leading services are changing the game in property marketing and commercial and private property inspections. We are really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together with our combined forces of advanced technology.”

Access these services on-demand through InventoryBase Workstreams’ innovative outsourcing facility. Access and book a Certified Licensed Drone Pilot from their comprehensive nationwide member base starting from £199 + VAT.

Book with Workstreams and experience stunning aerial photography, wow your clients with unparalleled aerial access to the property and safeguard against damages and disputes with aerial inspections.