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Conducting VOID inspections is important whenever a property is going to be left uninhabited for an extended time period. Thousands of students across the UK are currently planning to leave their university properties to go back to their family homes for the festive period. With the travel uncertainties surrounding the current coronavirus outbreak, VOID inspections have become more important than ever. 

What are VOID inspections?

VOID inspections are carried out when a property is going to be left vacant for an extended time period, such as if students vacate the property for a couple of weeks during the winter holidays. VOID inspections check things like the condition of pipes, whether gas and electricity are in a safe condition, and whether windows and doors are secured in order to prevent theft and squatting. Here are some of the most common issues to check for when carrying out a VOID inspection.

What common problems should you look out for in a VOID inspection?

1. Burst pipes

Burst pipes are a commonly encountered problem in homes that have been left unoccupied for extended periods in cold weather. If a pipe freezes, this carries a real risk that that pipe could burst, leading to a risk of flooding. Wading through a flooded kitchen or living room isn’t pleasant at the best of times, but having to do this immediately after returning from your Christmas vacation would be a particularly unpleasant shock. Having to deal with the inconvenience or damage of a flooded kitchen or bathroom in the depths of winter certainly wouldn’t be the most fun way to see in the new year!

Thankfully, it’s possible to make sure that pipes don’t burst by ensuring that they are properly insulated with lagging material. It’s particularly important to ensure that exposed or outdoor pipes are insulated, making sure that ay valves, bends or fittings are covered. A properly conducted VOID check will make sure that your pipes are in good condition, ensuring that you don’t return to any nasty surprises.

2. Theft

Another common issue that can occur when a property is left unoccupied for an extended period is the possibility of break-ins. It’s important that students ensure that they have proper contents insurance for their university home, and it’s even more important to do this if you’re leaving your home unoccupied for an extended period.

VOID inspections can help keep your property safe from theft or squatters. It is important to ensure that all windows and doors are properly secured so you can keep your possessions in and any unwanted visitors out. 

How can InventoryBase Make VOID inspections easy?

Carrying out a VOID inspection might seem like a daunting task, but InventoryBase’s property inspection software can make things stress-free. InventoryBase provides property inspection software that can help you to keep an eye on your property, making sure that none of the common causes of the winter blues have a chance to appear. Our software allows you to build unlimited property reports and store property condition information. Our property inspection app even allows you to take photos directly from your phone, removing the need to work with multiple pieces of hardware. 

As well as protecting tenants, InventoryBase’s property management software can help landlords to ensure that their rentals are being well looked after. It allows landlords to keep track of when items such as pipes and boilers were last looked at, ensuring that they undertake regular property maintenance and making sure that no vital VOID inspections are forgotten. Our software includes functionalities that allow you to build easily accessible professional inventories and carry out any VOID inspections, ensuring that you and your tenants won’t be faced with any unwanted post-Christmas presents this year.