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Technology has disrupted our world completely, as we download books on mobile devices, teach our children maths on tablets and check our bank statements on our smartphones.

But despite technology evolving in the world around us, property managers continue to argue that the property industry will remain safe from any disruption caused by technology. Surprisingly, many professional property inventory clerks also continue to conduct inspections using pen and paper.

However, this lack of proptech acceptance in the industry has been positive in some ways, as the door has been opened for organisations to drive change.

Unfortunately, many property managers continue to hold back their personal and business growth by using ineffective and inefficient methods to conduct inspections. From the ancient pen and paper method to relying on inconvenient Excel spreadsheets, property managers are struggling to stay up-to-date with change in the industry.

By engaging with some technology advances and implementing property inspection software into the operations of your company, you place your business ahead of the competition. Client experience improves greatly when using tools such as an inventorybase login to conduct your practices, where you can access the information you require at any time.

This is far more convenient for your business than inefficiently searching through filing cabinets, and by using software, all your information is accessible at the touch of a mouse. Loose reams of paper will also be a thing of the past, as applications on laptops can be instantly launched.

In all aspects of property management, property inspection software integrated into your company will instantly drive your company ahead of the competition.

Using inspection tools to their full potential could save around 75 per cent of your time, allowing more time for communication with clients and answering inquiries for more potential business. More time, of course, creates more opportunities for your business to grow.

With inspection software, everything is readily available. You can pre-load your inspection checklist onto a mobile device, conduct the inspection, take photographs using an app and load them automatically into the inspection report using software. You could also load any previous reports while on the job to compare the condition of the property and you can also take the tenant’s signatures down in an app. As soon as you upload the report and leave the property, your job is done.

Nowadays, it is unlikely that a potential client would trust their property with a manager that continues to use outdated methods such as a pencil and pieces of paper to carry out inspections and manage their property.

Standard inspection reports will also fail to impress clients or help build the brand of your company. Specialised property inspection software, such as through the inventorybase login, will allow for the customisation of reports with photos, contact information, headers and logos. This creates a professional, polished look each time you generate or send a report.

Property inspection software allows businesses and professionals to differentiate themselves and place themselves as leaders of change within the property sector.

Technology is widely underestimated within the property management industry, but it continues to prove its potential to drive businesses forward and take them to the next level.

In a tough industry such as property management, multiple skillsets are required. Using inspection software will allow you to keep your staff and business accountable, while continuing to maintain the highest level of service.

It is clear that the only way to take control of the future of your property business is to embrace change and implement valuable property inspection software into your business.

Currently, only a small percentage of property managers are utilising property inspection software, so now could be the perfect time to bring your business into the present and start using more efficient practices.

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