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The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of digital solutions in an unprecedented manner. Letting agencies have been closed for social distancing reasons. Potential buyers and renters cannot visit properties in person due to the risk of spreading the virus. How should estate agents keep the market functioning in these uncertain times? 

In this post we’ll take a look at the increasingly important role all-digital operations play in the current climate. We’ll consider how adopting all-digital solutions benefits both companies and their consumers, showcasing some of the ways in which InventoryBase’s applications could benefit your business. Digital solutions aren’t just a passing fad. They make property management and sales so much easier, that it’s hard to imagine them simply disappearing when and if things fully return to normal.

How to keep your business going during the pandemic 

Embracing digital solutions such as those offered by InventoryBase is a fantastic way to ensure that your business can keep trading even in uncertain times. Our property inventory software allows you to store property management information in one easily accessible place. We offer a range of templates to make communicating with clients quick and simple. The efficiency of our digital solutions can help you build client trust, bringing in repeat business and attracting new customers.

InventoryBase provides property inspection software that can help you carry out property condition reports quickly and easily. Our software allows you to build unlimited property reports and store property condition information in one easily accessible place. You can even take property photos directly from your phone, removing the need to work with multiple pieces of hardware. We make digital simple – now let’s look at how we do this in a bit more detail. 

We also introduced the ‘Self-service inspection’ facility earlier in the year, which enables tenants to complete interim reports on rented property when access isn’t possible due to isolation etc.

Digital solutions make information easy to access

Transferring your operations to an entirely digital format may seem like a daunting prospect, but InventoryBase’s property management software is easy to use. The days of storing property information in paper files are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Our software gives you the ability to store information about all the properties in your inventory in one easily accessible place. Our systems are flexible, offering you the ability to customise templates to fit the specific needs of your business. 

InventoryBase’s property management software doesn’t require any special hardware. It has been optimised to work on iOS and Android, PCs and Macs, even mobile devices. We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for best results. We do advise that you run our software on modern hardware that is no more than three years old so you can be sure that your device supports the latest available OS. 

On mobile devices you can download our app for completely offline functionality. This allows users to complete reports in the field even in locations where they cannot access the internet. Our app works well on mobile phones, iPads and tablets, though we do recommend avoiding the use of budget devices when working with large-scale reports that include numerous embedded photographs.

Digital solutions make communication simple

The Covid-19 pandemic is making contactless communications absolutely essential for many businesses, and property management is no exception. InventoryBase’s digital systems allow agents/landlords and tenants to communicate clearly without either party having to risk in-person contact. Our systems’ functionalities include the ability to assign property inspection reports directly to your tenant or client to complete via your system. We also include simple, customisable templates for situations including midterm inspections, fitness for human habitation reports and contactless check-ins and check-outs included.

Digital solutions build trust

As well as protecting tenants, InventoryBase’s property management software can help landlords to ensure that their rentals are being well looked after. Our software includes functionalities that allow you to build easily accessible professional inventories and carry out check-in, check-out and interim inspections.

Digital solutions build trust with renters and buyers as well as with landlords. Giving clients the ability to swiftly fill out paperwork entirely online helps build their trust in your efficiency as a company. This can help with generating repeat business and attracting new clients.

Digital solutions are the new normal

InventoryBase makes digital solutions simple. With such obvious benefits for businesses and consumers, it’s easy to see that all-digital solutions are likely to stick around long after the Covid-19 crisis has passed. Why not invest in InventoryBase’s digital solutions today and help your company stay one step ahead of the competition?