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In order to carry out property reports and inspections safely and in accordance with current Government advice and guidance for reducing transmission of COVID-19; the following Property Reporting Protocols (PRP) should be referred to when completing property reports.

This is to maintain both your own safety and that of letting agents, the current tenants, subsequent tenants, visitors to the property as well as the wider public and or your own family.

These protocols are/should be aligned to your in-app checklist. Each protocol can be changed to align with your own service provision so the following information acts as guidance and prompts to help you consider the risks associated with attending properties during the current pandemic.

For guidance on how to change/update your checklist please refer to the help section:  InventoryBase Support – Setting Up Checklists

Please Note: They do not override Government COVID-19 Secure guidance which should always be adhered to in the first instance. For up to date Government advice and guidance visit: UK Government Corona Virus page

View the InventoryBase full protocols document.